Dogs are awesome, which is why many kids are eager to get one. But a dog requires a lot of responsibility, and many of those same kids aren’t so eager to fulfill the many duties that come with owning one. Which is why this dad decided to draw up a hilariously detailed contract outlining the various criteria that his kids would have to adhere to before he’d let them get a “three year old white fluffy mutt” named Kershaw.

“We can get a dog if everyone agrees to all of the following terms,” begins the document written up by dad and Redditor rjohnstone13. The contract then goes on to list 13 terms ranging from the weight and size of the dog to the length of its nails and the type of food it eats. There’s also various references to poop. Obviously. Read on to see the full contract.

When the kids wanted a pet dog, their dad made them sign this super detailed contract

Only then were they allowed to adopt their “three year old white fluffy mutt” named Kershaw (veto power not exercised)