I had this idea to combine letters with objects for a long time. Five years ago, when I finished my courses in design, I had a similar project for my degree. “The study of the typographic element in the virtual world”

Now that I have a dog, I was playing with his portrait and trying to do different approaches, techniques, even screen printing posters on fine paper. I decided to make another version of my old project, but instead of objects I used pictures with dog breeds, my dog (B-letter), my friends dogs, and also few from the internet. More similar posters soon.

More info: andreiclompos.com | behance.net

A is for Akita

B is for Beagle

C is for Chihuahua

D is for Dalmatian

E is for English Bulldog

F is for French Bulldog

G is for Golden Retriever

H is for Husky

I is for Irish Setter

J is for Jack Russell Terrier

K is for Komondor

L is for Labrador Retriever

M is for Malinois (Belgian Shepherd Dog)

N is for Neapolitan Mastiff

O is for Old English Sheepdog

P is for Pug

Q is for Queensland Heelers

R is for Rottweiler

S is for Saint Bernard

T is for Tibetan Mastiff

U is for Utonagan

V is for Vizsla

W is for Weimaraner

X is for Xoloitzcuintle

Y is for Yorkshire

Z is for Zuchon

Dog Alphabet