I took a regular stroller and used PVC pipe, cardboard, duct, tape, and a few other items to turn it into the Delorean from Back to the Future! My family and I are huge Back to the Future fans. Honestly, I have been looking forward to today, October 21, 2015, ever since I was a kid. This summer, I planned to do something really fun to celebrate.

We are using it to celebrate Back to the Future day, but we are also doing family costumes around this theme next week for Halloween.

More info: lunchboxdad.com

My youngest son in the completed Delorean stroller

Flux Capacitor and Time Circuits

PVC pipe frame that I used to hold the body of the Delorean

Stroller with hoverboard, Pepsi Perfect, and sports almanac

The Flux Capacitor actually fluxes

The lights on the outside really work

The rear end with tail lights, exhaust, Mr Fusion, and engine