Want to stand out from the crowd? Don’t know what to wear for your first Tinder date? ASOS, one of the top UK clothing retailers, has a solution for all your clothing related conundrums – a dinosaur tail strap on.

Unfortunately, those interested in dinosaur tails will have to wait, because the product went so viral it immediately sold out. Apparently there’s a demand for dinosaur tails on a belt, but, to be honest, I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not. However, they also have other animal-inspired tails including wolf, fox and leopard to complete your rear-end makeover.

More info: asos.com (h/t: HelloGiggles)

ASOS started selling strap on dinosaur tails

The internet got psyched up immediately

High demand caused the product to sell out

Luckily, ASOS has other options for those in need of a tail

Including wolf, fox and leopard

However, many are still confused and wonder if the world really needs dinosaur tails on a belt