As a non-American I gotta say I really don’t get the tipping system over there in the US of A. Servers get the tip they deserve, based on quality of service, right? There is no law or obligation to tip? It all seems mighty confusing and an unnecessary source of potential confrontation at a time when people are supposed to be out enjoying themselves. Why can’t restaurants just pay their servers properly in the first place? The unspoken rules and expectations make the whole situation so…arbitrary.

Imgur user noctynight encountered such a situation while on a date recently, finding himself embarrassingly short when it came time to pay up and tip the server. Sure, it was poor planning on his behalf, but he sheepishly managed to scrape up 15% of the bill for the service received, and was all set to leave the restaurant and go home.

Except that wasn’t to be the end of it. The server had a few questions to ask about the tip, and the quality of her service. Needless to say, it didn’t end well. Scroll down to check the story out for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments! (Cover image: Matt Chan)

“Had a wonderful dinner date, all that’s left is to pay the bill and head out”

Image credits: Chris Goldberg (Not an actual photo)

“Server comes back and asks if something bad has happened due to the size of her tip…”

“Try to explain to the server that there was nothing wrong and we just could’t afford to put in anymore”

Image credits: Kent Wang (Not an actual photo)

“Server: ‘Sir. I would actually be offended if I accepted something as small as this'”

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