The tale of a little boy starring as the main character in his favourite movie… HARRY POTTER.

Casting spells, flying brooms and much more. He did wonder where Ron and Hermione. He also had a good look into the sky for Dragons. It soon became apparent that he was the only star in this movie. Never the less, he enjoyed the day.

We went to Asda one winter morning to pick up his costume, to find that they had sold out in his size! We had to order it in and Dexter patiently waited until it was delivered. As soon as he got it, the bag was opened and the wand came out to cast some spells!

This is only day one of the Mini Harry Potter story. We still have many places to find… A must on the hit list being Diagon Alley. We may even venture down to Harry Potter land. But, to be honest it’s a lot more fun finding locations and playing with imagination.

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