Imagine a situation where you are unhappy with something. Regardless of whether that would be your recent purchase or some sort of terrible service, it all leads to the one thing most of us would gladly avoid and only turn to as a last resort. And yes, of course, we are talking about contacting support. The Internet is full of terrors as it is and these convos with support definitely don’t make it any better. That’s when reality hits with the realization of how co-dependent our society is. No matter how emancipated one thinks to be, there will always be a moment when all that’s left to do is sit with their hands helplessly crossed and wait for someone else to fix their problems. That was exactly the case when this guy from DoorDash, an American food delivery service, contacted their support about a problem and was greeted with a completely bot-like conversation. Scroll down to see the whole chat!

More info: MonksCafe

The Internet was really supportive of the delivery guy though, so at least he has that going for him!