We appreciate technology and its contribution to the world moving forward at a fast pace. But with great power comes great responsibility, especially when that power ends up in hands of the most creative people on the Internet.

A video posted on Youtube by VillainGuy is currently taking over the social media. The video shows an excerpt of the press conference with Jennifer Lawrence after the Golden Globes 2016 where she’d just accepted an award for Best Actress in “Joy”. Looking exquisite in that gorgeous red dress and bright diamond necklace, she is wearing one unexpected feature – Steve Buscemi’s face. A mashup of two people who could not look less alike is so incredibly seamless that it almost looks real.

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Image credits: VillainGuy

The video was created using an artificial-intelligence-based DeepFake technology that enables the creation of fake but convincing video and audio content of something that has never actually happened by combining existing images and videos.

Image credits: Jennifer Lawrence

It allowed the creator to make a new human that would never exist in real life out of the two famous actors.

Image credits: Mark Von Holden

While this technology definitely has the potential for malicious purposes and has already spawned inappropriate content featuring influential people from celebrities to politicians, this video proves it can be used in a harmless and entertaining way.

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This masterpiece, which has been viewed on Youtube over 100k times already and shared countless times on Social media, is both hilarious and terrifying

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The video caught the attention of Internet users leaving them with mixed reactions and uncertainty about what the future holds

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