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Customary Marriage Batak Tribe
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Photography6 years ago

Customary Marriage Batak Tribe

Indonesia is a country rich in diversity. With so many islands in our country so there are many people with a variety of languages ​​and traditions as well as the tribe. There are many tribes in Indonesia, and there is a wide range of traditions in each tribe including wedding traditions. Tradition and etiquette weddings each tribe usually differ because of differences in the culture of each tribe. Batak tribe considered as tribal traditions are still very much in the modern era. It is interesting if we know the traditional Batak wedding etiquette is still mostly done by people throughout Indonesia Batak.

There are several sequences that must be passed in the way of traditional Batak wedding. The first thing to be done in the way of traditional Batak wedding is patiur baba ni mual or ask permission or ask for the blessing on the Bone (uncle). The procession was not done by the couple to be married, but made by the parents of the man who is getting married. The procession was to be done because of the Batak indigenous girls from the bone (sister of the mother) is the first mate of the man.
So parents whose son was to be married than the first mate had asked the blessing on the bone. But this only applies if the marriage was the son pertama.Prosesi hereinafter called marhori-hori dingding or introductions of family shut/secret.This procession is carried out for months before the wedding. Family man will come to visit the woman’s family place to introduced himself and talk about a date or a good day for the official application.
Next procession called marhusip and patua hata, which means talks quietly and formal application.

In this procession, the family of the man would come to visit the woman in the event an official proposal, but only between the family and witnessed by royal custom of each family. The family men usually bring food and drinks for the woman’s family. the procession official application, there are some things that talk about the wedding plans as how many ulos to be awarded the male to the female, negotiated amount of dowry to be approved both sides, determine the place and date of the wedding and also the large number of invitations from both sides.

The next procession is martumpol or approval wedding or announcements made by religious institutions. The latter is martonggo raja and maria raja mean in a family of men and women. The procession is a procession of families where both sides discussed in detail about the traditional procession on the day of the wedding, about the tasks to be done and other relatives.

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