I visited Crater Lake a couple of years ago to engage in hiking and photography. One thing that surprised me was that a visitor to the park could enjoy some majestic scenery without the need to hike.

All of my photos included in this post were taken from along Rim Road. Rim Road is 33-mile loop road that follows the caldera rim with several parking lots/overlook points, and also many “unofficial” pullouts along the route. So even if a park visitor has no interest in hiking or may have physical limitations there is no reason not to take in the majestic views from Rim Road. Enjoy, Joe.

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Resting In Blue

View of Wizard Island in Crater Lake.

Big Storm Brewing

Sinking Into The Blue

The majestic crater rim meeting the deep blue of Crater Lake.

In The Middle

Wide angle view of Wizard Island and Crater Lake.

Gray Over The Blue

Awesome storm clouds over the deep blue of Crater Lake. I was fortunate to be here during this dramatic storm.