It was not the first time I visited this city but I had very few memories of the city. One of things I still could remember is the special atmosphere of this gigantic place called Mezquita.

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THE OLD AL-ANDALUS CAPITAL: As being one part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1984, the central neighborhood still retains a great deal of its architectural and cultural heritage during years and years.

Just adjacent to the mosque and crossing the Guadalquivir River, the « puente Romano » is a testamemt to the city’s dotted past. It has been also my favourite place to appreciate the beautiful sunset

THE MEZQUITA: It would be almost criminal to visit Córdoba without stepping inside its Mezquita. The mosque was seen as the heart and central focus of the city, and its biggest symbol. The Great Mosque of Córdoba held a place of importance amongst the Islamic community of al-Andalus for three centuries. It is considered as one of the greatest works of architecture and after one step inside you will understand why. With heavy ornamentation, a blaze of colour and human images in paint, stone and wood, it ­contrasts shockingly with the understated simplicity, and lack of human images of Islamic design.

The reconquest meant that the Catholic Kings demolished the central naves to construct a lavish cathedral. You’ll see the contrast between the simple architectural style of the mosque and the cathedral more ornate, it also sits at the Mezquita’s heart. Three layers of spirituality in one site. A tremendous experience should never be missed.

It has been a very hard place to be photographed due to the lack of light inside, based on the fact that tripods are forbidden. I had to shoot with hight ISO and slow shutter speed.

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