Together with Węgielek – Fundation for Animals we’ve decided to create non-typical photo session of cats who are under the care of the foundation. I’d like to introduce you to 7 beautiful cats. Each of them is unique, each of them “is in jail” due to something else.

Taking it serious. Quite often cats are given back from adoption, or they are not adopted due to traits that are part of being a cat. How is it possible for the cat not to meow at 4AM? And how is it possible not to leave the fur all over armchairs and not to ignore brand new delicacies?

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Loud purring

Name: Felicjan
Age: Three months


Name: Syriusz
Age: Four months

For following their own paths

Name: Hexa
Age: Four months

Piece of himself everywhere (furr)

Age: Four months

Hunting the shadows

Name: Juno
Age: One year

After the deadline

Name: Widmo
Age: Four years.

Cat with Cat’s home defendant syndrome

Name: Wanisz
Age: One year