Apparently Blue is the world’s most popular color, which isn’t really a shock for me, giving that it actually is my most preferred color too.

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On the second place we have red and green, but is that really accurate? I know quite the bunch of people preferring both of those colors over blue. Depending on the mood and setting you’re in, I guess the likeness of a color would change, but somehow you must still have a bigger attraction to one of them.

Sure yellow and purple are also very lovely, but I will keep this “article” to the top 3. So without much more thought behind it but that’s it’s fun, I created a list of 11×3 photos in Blue, Green and Red-ish Colors to be judged. I tried to keep the photos to a common theme, but since I only have so many photos, you’ll have to look past the lack of “community”. Share you’re thoughts and opinions on the Colors!

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Little beings




By the sea