Crayons are something everybody knows, loves, and probably hasn’t used since elementary school. For me they serve as the best medium possible to sculpt ideas that I find to be joyful or interesting. For the most part, I carve pop culture icons since people enjoy seeing their favorite characters in crayon form.

I make my sculptures 100% out of crayon wax, mostly using two wax carving tools and a hot plate. Any extra color is melted from other crayons and slowly added. The time it takes to make each crayon varies a great amount and I never keep track of how long it takes. It can be as short as 45 minutes and as long as around 24 hours worth of sculpting.

I started carving around two years ago, when it served as a great way to deal with stress from working as a 911 operator. I no longer work with 911, but crayon carving has continued to be a very meditative part of my life and something I intend to continue doing for a long time.

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Breaking Bad-Heisenberg

The Flash

Kermit The Frog

Rick And Morty

Melting Man

The Lego Movie-Emmet

Mouse Maze






Dragon Ball Z-Frieza

Anatomical Head