I would like to introduce you to one very fashionable lady. Rosie is a homeless person with extravagant street fashion sense and carefree attitude. She is the spirit of the city, who browse the streets day by day for more than 30 years now, bringing a special atmosphere to public spaces. She is well over 80 years of age. A lady never reveals her true age, though. Some would say she is just a beggar, some would not pay attention at all, and some would love her as a style icon. She asks for money on her own, a bit flirtatious, manner, and every time in a new dress, that she gets from a charity. I just see her as an artist and a true fashion icon.

Her lined face lights up when I stop to speak to her. When I asked her if I could take a picture, she smiled at me and said for sure if I donate some money. I did give her some change, and she started to pose in the manner of a famous person. After a few pictures, she asked me if she could see it and asked to take a few more. What a diva :)

She lives on the meager sum she earns by begging. When asked whether she gets enough to eat every day, she tells us, “I eat when I get enough money. When I don’t get enough, I go without food.”

We’re trying to raise money to help her with whatever we can. Anything helps. Let’s all pitch in and help make life a little easier and brighter for Rosie. Please help spread the word about her and her life story!

More info: gofundme.com