Hi! My name is Arielle. Ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with abandoned places. I’ve photographed many, many abandoned homes, farms, schools, even a bunker. But I’ve never photographed a place quite like the old Glasgow MT Air Force Base. Built for the Cold War and abandoned soon after, this place was designed to house over 10,000 military personnel and their families. Since it closed, it’s become a magnet for trouble. Condo associations fight over it and rip people off. Freemen tried to take it over awhile back. And Boeing owns and maintains the giant runway and airplane hangers. It’s where they test their secret projects, so you end up seeing all kinds of odd things here! They’re very tight with security so you’re watched wherever you go and must stay out of testing areas. I thought I’d share some photos I’ve taken in various seasons on my visits to the old AFB (now named Saint Marie). These are mainly photos of the housing section. But I also have lots of photos of the creepy abandoned hospital and movie theater! Depending on how this post goes, I’ll share those later. I hope you enjoy and are as fascinated by this place as I am! I think if Hollywood knew about it they’d buy it all up and use it as a set for the Walking Dead or any post – apocalyptic movie.

P.S. Please be kind :) This is my first post on this site.

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This Sign Welcomes You to the Abandoned Base – the Slogan is True

Immediately You’re Driving Through Abandoned Streets and Empty Condos

All of These are Empty

This Once Housed Four Families!

It’s in Pretty Bleak Shape Now

Entire Street of Empty Condos

Pink Condo

My Little Brother Takes it All In

He Likes Taking Pictures as Well!

Community Baseball Area – Long Abandoned

A Lone Condo in Fall

This was Taken on Halloween

The Middle School is Made of Three Octagonal Structures – It’s Abandoned

Overgrown Streets and Street Signs Everywhere

In an Overgrown Neighborhood – Bus Schedule

Close Up of the Old Bus Schedule Sign

Another Street of Abandoned Houses

This Place Housed Single AFB Personnel

Better Stop Here! Boeing Won’t Let You Through – Secret Testing Going On

Surrounding the Base are Many, Many Condo Foundations – Structures Now Long Gone

Google Maps View of the old AFB – Look at that Runway!

Google Maps View of the Condos and Homes – Almost All Abandoned