Griffin was my 12 year old Labradoodle who succumbed to lung cancer almost a year ago. Of course, I would never forget him, but I wanted to take images of as many details of him that I could.

I chose black and white for its simple and direct impact, like him. He was my companion on thousands of miles of trails, of hundreds of swims in the lake, of millions of hours of voiceless communication. As he laid in his favourite spot on the couch, I knew that I had to take this last opportunity to, once again, study him as I had done so many times before with my lens.

He passed away in this same spot 2 days later. I hope my photos portray his beauty, not only in his form but in feeling of how much I loved being close to him.

The king of slumber

The head I loved to rub

Eyebrows that raised whenever his eyes moved

The nose that always nudged at my hand and smelled cheese from a mile away

The feet that took me out everyday and kept me sane

That head full of dreams

The nose that would pack dirt down after burying a good bone

Oh the miles we wandered and waded…

And plowed through snow, jumped over puddles

Scratched at the door to come in

The curly softness of himself

In deep thought… Always full of love

Always keeping an eye on you

My beautiful beast