About “The Key in the Hand” installation:

A red immersive expanse infills the building’s ceiling and walls, intertwining entrants within a maze of vibrantly colored yarn.
The web of threads turns the roof into a complex and elaborate labyrinth of materials, forming an undulating path for which viewers to traverse beneath.

Shiota says: “The boats represent hands which are holding 50 000 keys. In total there are 180 000 keys. I collected them from all over the world.
My purpose is to represent memories, opportunities and hope and these boats are carrying people, time and memory. The key itself is like a human body I used 400 km (400 000 meters) of red thread.
When you have a key, it is like holding a new chance. The future is in your hands, but if you lose it, you would feel like losing the way or everything you owned before…”

Perhaps you feel like walking around an ocean of human life…

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“The Key in the Hand, 2015” – Representing Japan in the 56th international art exhibition. Courtesy of Chiharu Shiota.

“Rain of Memories”, 2016 at Ferenczy Múzeumi Centrum in Szentendre, Hungary. Courtesy of Chiharu Shiota.