I’m a ceramic designer that uses old, broken ceramics to make new, modern pieces by smashing them up and re-building them into a solid block form which is then cast in plaster.

I am inspired by the form of the classic ceramics from the 20th and 21st century. The modernist and cubist movements have been my points of reference, using their concept of a well designed form with facets and angles as inspiration.

More info: elunedglyn.com

Broken up pieces ready to make a new piece

First I break up and re-construct the pieces into a solid block of clay

I deconstruct the shape of the jug by folding the drawings and re-designing them through a layout pad. This is where they evolve into three dimensional objects. These sketches inspire me and influence the process I use incorporating pieces from second-hand shops. By using recycled pieces my work echoes old china from my grandmother’s dresser that comes to life again in the reconstruction process.

The piece is then cast in plaster to about 6 parts

These pieces are then cast with earthenware slip and fired three times in the kiln to complete the body of work

Minimus Maximus Teaset

Minimus Maximus Small Jug

Minimus Maximus Collection

I will be exhibiting at:

*Cornwall Design Fair in Penzance – August 15th – 17th.

*Cermamic in the City, Geffrye Museum – September 18th – 21st.

*Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, Manchester – October 31st – 2nd of November.

*Made by Hand, Cardiff – October 9th – 12th.