I am a ceramic artist who has been working on a series of children books about one of my robot characters named Melvin.

In my latest book, Melvin the Super(duper) Robot, Melvin decides to see what type of superhero he would like to be. I think it’s important for us all to wonder and dream, but I also think that it is important to recognize that real heroes DO exist in this world. I’m hoping this story will help inspire both creativity and kindness.

All of the characters are sculpted from a stoneware pottery clay, fired in a kiln, and painted with underglazes and paints. I then take the sculptures out into the real world and photograph them on location. I have to make a unique sculpture for each image I use. For many of the images, there is little use of photoshop, but as Melvin’s mind begins to wander, I manipulate the images to match his imagination.

More info: joshuamargolis.net | Instagram

Cover image of Melvin and his possible super team

Melvin suiting up

Formal team photo

Who hasn’t fantasied about this? Robots are no different

I mean, come on! People were really curious when I went to take this photo

Even our super sidekicks would need a costume

Back cover