The Book of Everyone, whose founders wore pregnancy suits to celebrate new mums, launched a new initiative to praise the unsung heroes of every company: customer service. Or, as they are known at the Book of Everyone, the Customer Happiness team.


Over the course of a month, the Customer Happiness team shared their most bizarre, funny, and puzzling stories from their time of dealing with drunken customers, replacing books devoured by hungry pets, and dodging inappropriate advances from lonely callers.


Here is what they told us:

More info:

Receiving bad feedback is often a (boozy) misunderstanding

Even if customers come to us with bizarre stories, we give them the benefit of the doubt

Being in Customer Service means being diplomatic but respectful

Technological blunders can make for very funny and frustrating situations

Our job is to help our customers with anything we can, no matter how long it takes us

Adapting to your customers is key to helping them and in the end it’s all worth it