Cats are the kind of animals that love the do their own things and seemed to be careless what other think. Of course there is no doubt, that there are a lot of times our furry friends make us laugh with their funny behaviours.

All cats have their own funny behaviour. Whether it’s drinking out the toilet, running around the house, always be on time for food, looking grumpy at you or sleeping in the strangest position.

You can find the post about my cats’ friendship here.

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Of course I was a nice cat, when you were out of the house!

Okay, what is that noise?!

Look! I can fly!

Let us in human!

No I wasn’t drinking out of the toilet.

Wait What?!

Almost, almost got it!

Did you say food?!

Just sticking my tongue out at you!

Sorry I don’t get it.

Please stop with the photos!

Why can’t you understand that I love to sleep?!