Meet my three adorable cats: Nora, Anton, and Blanca performing at my photo studio. My name is Wiebke Haas and I’m a 27 years old pet photography professional from Germany. You may know my photography of horses in a studio but besides being a horse girl, I’m a crazy cat lady too. My boyfriend and I live together with the three most adorable adopted cats. Their unique personalities make us laugh every day, so we decided to capture it on camera. Jumps of one of our cute cats, Nora, gave my boyfriend the idea of capturing flying cats and I worked out the style of the photo series. Contrary to my clean equine photos I wanted to add some colors to the cat photos to give them a more expressive pop-art look.

The studio photography project was already noticed by a German TV team.

To bring this photoshoot idea to life I used a super-fast flash called “Cito” by my sponsor Hensel Visit. Without the flash lights, it wouldn’t be possible to freeze the fast movements.

Please, enjoy the following pet portraits which symbolize the start of my series.

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First of all, let me introduce our Spanish rescue kitty, Nora. She’s the boss cat of the trio and the smartest animal I’ve ever met. Nora is more like a person than a cat: she really loves to stay beside her humans and prefers to be inside the house unless we invite her to go out for a walk with us. She is the most cuddly cat in the world which never misses a chance to get in my arms. You can have a real conversation with Nora because she responds with a variation of cat sounds and meows. Furthermore, she is enormously powerful and her favorite game is catching toys in the air. Therefore, she will wait patiently on one spot until you throw her toy.


Anton our long-haired male is a good-natured mini lion. He loves to hang around doing nothing. His weak point is food which is nearly the only thing wherefore he shows some movements. Anton is a gentle cat with the loudest purring and the softest head butts but he has also the most scenic ‘meow’ when he wants you to open a door for him.


Blanca looks like a real-life “Simon’s Cat” with the biggest eyes. She’s the shiest cat of the trio but she flourishes when she has the stage for her own. She likes to play but she’s not as overexcited as Nora. It looks more like she’s snatching for butterflies when catching a toy. She loves to do some cat yoga. Goodies for cats are a great pay for her modeling work.

The white cats Anton and Blanca are siblings adopted from another family.

Hope you enjoyed the images! Thanks for watching!