I work as a photographer and graphic designer. I spend many days on the field and then I work long hours in my homeoffice. One day I decided that I need a friend who will make my days in office more exiting. Now it’s so much fun and I want to share it with you@

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Meet Chappi

Her estonian name is Käpp, it means The Paw

She is not an usual cat

I think she kinda senses, that I’m more of a dogperson (we lived in a small apartment that time ). So she growls to mean people and runs to you when you call and chases bugs and other animals when told

There is a saying that owner and his pet look a like and share the same charactheristics. Well I do see some similarity here

…we both look stupid and make silli faces

…and get stuck in places

…we need some privacy. (Ups. I might have interrupted something…)

…we don’t talk when we are offended or not in a mood

..we can turn a mosquito into an elephant

..when we are scared, we look protection from stronger ones. When one is broken, the other comes and comforts

…we both sleep in weird positions (her favourite chair is my chair)

How is that even comfortable??

We do many things together: for example she helps me with sewing

… guards my notes when I go to other room for few seconds and then refuses to leave

… reminds me to take breaks from computer

and likes to sleep in the dark

When Chappi was just few months old, she was literally afraid of everything

She used to hide and just observe the surroundings

Those eyes… so scared

But as days passed, she became more courageous

and started to explore everything

She was like a little spy

You know the feeling when you know that someone is watching you…

…well, she did it for so many times and it was so funny and creepy in the same time

She could stand still lika a stone for almost 20 minutes, only eyes moving. Staring.. “no one sees me. I’m invisible”

And of course: The TONGUE

omg, are you serious?!

Like she forgot it hanging

“no don’t mind me…”


When Chappi is not fooling around, she is just like normal cat:

…likes to play with toys

…observes attentively your every move

Now we live in a house and she explores the wilderness

and makes new friends

“wake up and give me food human!”

And that was Chappi’s first year. Thanks. Bye!