We are all familiar with this season: cold, moody, bad days, sick making etcetera. But it can also be very fun. Even for animals.

Here are some photos, how my two cats spend their cold season.

More info: flickr.com

The Snow Globe

The smallest subjects will get their attention. If something moves, they will look.

Staying Warm

Most of us people love to stay warm and animals are no exception!
For example lying on the heating.

Playing With Wool

A lot and I mean a lot of cats love playing with wool. Especially young cats!
It’s better that you don’t interrupt them playing, as you can see on the photo above!

The Laundry Basket

Some cats don’t mind to be in very small places, like laundry baskets.

On The Toilet

This is mostly a dog thing (I think), but this cat loves to drink out of the toilet, since he doesn’t stay outside (during Winter) very long. Mostly he will drink out of the tub outside.

Staring Outside

This is what my cats love to do… Just staring outside of the window!

In The Alley

Some cats love to very far and some cats (like mine) love stay in their neighborhood!


This is a rare/silly thing I did for my cats. Since my cats love lying on the heating, I made a little hot tub, so they could stay a bit warm.