Camera tossing is one of my ongoing photography projects. I started taking bird’s eye view pictures well before the popularization of GoPros and drones. Many people have asked me about how did I achieve such pictures, well… camera tossing is the answer.

Basically, the technique is tossing a camera into midair to grab the shot. To be more specific and technical, first, a wide-angle lens or a fish-eye lens is crucial; a well balanced camera-lens combination, not too heavy and not too light (Gopros are too light); camera timer set to 2 second; finally, practice taking the shot as many times as required, basically a lot of tossing – intense workout!

Another common question that I am often asked is that whether I have missed catching the camera? Usually, I would avoid practicing camera tossing on solid floor/ground, and just once I missed catching the camera, that time, the camera landed on grass and the falling velocity of the camera was reduced by my leg (light kick), hence, the fall was not severe, but it took some dirt.

Hope you find the photos appealing and inspiring, please do get out there and try camera tossing, but with caution.

More info: Flickr