You know a video is old if it went viral before there was YouTube. ‘Whassup?’ was a commercial campaign for Budweiser beer from 1999 to 2002. The company ran it worldwide and it eventually became a pop culture catchphrase. Recently, Budweiser teamed up with Burger King to recreate a legendary ad from the ‘Whassup?’ campaign on Twitter, and it escalated hilariously.

Of course, this exchange has a purpose: promoting a new sandwich. The American Brewhouse King. Its release is timed to celebrate the Fourth of July, a holiday often accompanied by burgers and beers.

“We’re excited to celebrate summer with the ultimate Bud and burger pairing, and to bring back our ‘Whassup’ commercial in an epic way with Burger Kind,” said Ricardo Marques, vice president of marketing at Budweiser in a statement. “The King of Beers and The King of Burgers are going to give America something to cheers to this summer.” Scroll down to check out how everything unfolded.

Recently, Budweiser and Burger King took people back to 1999

This seemingly mindless conversation has put a smile on many faces