Born in London. Lives in Toronto. Travels the world. You can find me on IG at

Now, a word from my personal photographer…

Hi! I’m Karen and I am an animal photographer based in Toronto, Canada. This series was born out of my desire to challenge myself and photograph the world from the perspective of a tiny, little subject.

It’s encouraged me to re-visit sites in Toronto that, after living here for most of my life, I’ve come to take for granted. It’s also led me to conversations many curious people who want to know why I am laying down photographing a tiny stuffed bear.

What started out as a few cute images, has evolved into me carrying little Burbeary Bob in my check-in as I travel around the world.

More info: Instagram

My hometown. Taking in the Toronto skyline on a warm summer’s day.

Visiting the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. It’s *royal* for a Brit like me.

Doing what a London bobby is born to do – direct traffic. The intersection at Union Station is a busy one, you know!

I try to keep my round body in tip top shape by engaging in various athletic pursuits. Here I am trying cliff jumping.

Going out for my morning jog in the park.

Rock climbing while spelunking in Aruba.

And it has all paid off because look at me now. Jean Claude Van Damme and his epic splits? I’ve got that covered.

Sometimes I have to stretch my legs, get out of the city and go “dancing with the stars”.

Or, run in an open wheat field in the Kawarthas.

And sometimes, even further afield. I enjoy pools, especially this one while I was in Alsisar, India.

Or, this one in Curaçao.

And a good massage at a spa never hurt anyone!

In the end though, I’m still a little Brit. A proper High Tea will always send me running.