Birth is a beautiful thing regardless of whether it’s a natural birth or medically assisted, it is just beautiful. I am a photographer and i wanted to capture a birth, a welcoming of new life but not just any life but that of an animal, you see i am a Pet Photographer, i wanted to capture something you are not privileged to see often, the birth of an animal. I recently submitted into the Australian Profession Photography Awards a series of images all put together to create a visual timeline of the birth of 5 baby Bulldogs during a C-section birth and i have to say it was the most incredible experiences i have ever witnessed. There was no time to waste, from the moment i got the call it was all systems go. I got there just as Mum was being prepped and from that moment onwards it was action stations.

Everyone had a job and everyone knew explicitly what that job was. I knew as i stood in the corner of the room trying to keep out of the way that i was in for the most remarkable 40 minutes of my life. Here i was, standing there with my camera aimed and ready and then nearly forgetting to actually take the photos simply because what was happening before my very eyes was just so incredible. The incision and then within a matter of minutes out came the first baby. Lost for words and emotional but with no time to lose track of why i was there out came the next and on it went. Five in total. I can tell you there is nothing like the sound of the first baby squeals of a newborn puppy. I guess any human birth photographer would know exactly what i mean. It was like music to my ears and within a matter of minutes there were five pink, squirmy, squeaking little fat squidgy logs with legs all bundle together in a humid crib while Mum lay on the table being sewn back together with no idea she had just given birth to new life. THEN wow, camera down, help needed, puppy thrust into my hands, follow my lead shouted. It was time for the Fabulous Five to take their first drink, even while Mum was still under the anesthetic. An array of hands holding puppies on teats, stroking chins, encourage sips of milk, we did it. They were all drinking and they were all going to be okay. Their life had began and as i climbed into my car some time later i felt like i had just witnessed a miracle and the reality was, i had.

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Mum getting ready for her finest hour

Lights out

Baby 1

Baby 2

Baby 3

Baby 4

Baby 5

Closing up

Tired but happy