Nikolay Pandev, or Nick Pandev, as he calls himself, is one of the very few Bulgarian photographers, who have been featured on National Geographic. Born and raised in Bulgaria, where we were classmates in high-school. Nick has has been living in England for 15 years. A freelancer for the last 6 of them.

“My home is in London, but I could live anywhere on this awesome planet. I love travelling and I enjoy life to it’s fullest. I go beyond boundaries to live, experience and capture that unique moment in time,” says Nick Pandev.

“My artistic nature helped me discover photography, and I’m in love with it. I just can’t help it. And what makes me a better photographer is the fact that I am not motivated by money.”

More info: pandevonium.com500px | Instagram

Bulgarian Church

The Sky Of Eastern Europe

The Devils Bridge, Bulgaria

The Rock Of Gibraltar

Bjarnarhöfn, Iceland

Tjörn, Iceland

The Colosseum, Rome

The Gate to Africe – Andalusia, Spain

Bristol, UK

Santorini, Greece

Hverageröi, Iceland

Nick Pandev and his son