I guess most parents remember the time when their children grew too big to either fit in their crib or share the bed with their parents. The latter was the case for us recently and so we began our search for a nice cot that would be both stylish and solid to last for a few years. But we were quite surprised to see the price tags that some of the better looking wooden beds came with.

Without wanting to question whether these prices always just covered labor/material that went into making them (I doubt it) rather than being a profit of a bug furniture industry (more likely), I quickly realized that it would be worth exploring my ability to build a piece of furniture myself. I did not have a lot of space or many tools to work with but believe that the result below proofs that with a little imagination, persistence and a grain of technical skills you can do these kinds of things on your own.

Build your own children’s bed

The plan

The material

Sanding over and over again

Drilling holes for the wooden plugs

Wooden plugs in place for the side rails

Top and bottom pieces nearing completion

Top and bottom pieces almost done

Side rails, which are removable

Lath floor is fitted with wooden plugs

The stair from the outside

The stair in detail


The finished product