You all know what a selfie is, but have you ever heard of a "brelfie"? Well, it's basically a selfie taken while breastfeeding, and moms have been using an app called PicsArt to make them even more beautiful than they already are.

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The app allows moms to add a magical "Tree of Life" to their pictures, and the effect is nothing short of stunning. You can either download pictures from the internet or use the app's "Tree of Life" sticker pack. You can also add other "magical" effects depending on your preference. People have been sharing their edits on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter via the #TreeOfLife and #brelfie hashtags, not only to highlight the beauty of breastfeeding but also to reduce the outdated stigma associated with doing it in public.


Breastfeeding Photos

mizchartreuse Report

Meeow 10 months ago



Breastfeeding Photos

hall462013 Report

Frances Shiel 10 months ago

Love this. Good way to identify how baby brain grows and flourishes with breastfeeding.

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Breastfeeding Photos

mel_loose_arrow Report

MerhabaAfrica MA 10 months ago

wow twins

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Breastfeeding Photos

beautifulmilo Report

Clara Sue Beym 9 months ago

Check out my page for the "Tree of Life" watercolor I painted for my daughter.

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