Brazilian self-taught photographer challenged himself to create one imaginative/whimsical/conceptual image every single week for a whole year and these are some of the best ones.

Diogo Costta, 24 years-old, lives in a big city (São Paulo, Brazil). To fight against the concrete and boredom of the same landscapes (skyscrapers, buildings, traffic and crowds), he started a 52 Weeks Project, which consists in creating one image per week for a entire year, in order to create the imaginary scenes he dreamt about.

His photography style is a way-out to a Fairy Tale, where everything is possible. There is no gravity, limits or borders to his scenarios, neither to his imagination.

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Heart Strings


Opposite Worlds

I pack my things and go

Efflorescence II

Sons of Ghosts



Efflorescence III

Refuse to Sink


Side Effects