I’m Dori, a 26-year-old Artist / Art Director from Toronto, Canada. I love new and original design ideas, and I’m always challenging myself to fight the “everything’s been done before” state of mind.

One of my favorite hobbies is trying to make creative business cards. You might have seen my previous business cards here on Bored Panda which were created entirely out of crayon.

This time I thought to myself: “What’s the most simple business card design you could possibly make?” And I realized it would have to be blank. But then how will people view the information? I decided that using light is a fun way to do it – especially since we all have a flashlight on our smartphones nowadays!

To complement the clever business card design, I kept the information simple – I only kept my name, since you can easily find me on Google.

When handing out the unique design card I like to give a subtle hint: “Here’s my business card. If you’re bright enough, you’ll figure it out!”

This business card idea is created with 3 layers of cardstock, with the middle layer being laser-cut. Each card takes quite a while to put together!

More info: dorotapankowska.com

Completely blank business card

Blank business card with light shining through

Blank business card being lit by lightbulb to reveal hidden message

How I made these: popping out the tiny stencil letters

The inside & bottom layers of the business card

Stencils of the inner piece of the business cards

Business cards before the final top layer is glued on

Blank business card revealing information using smartphone flash