From my experience, the creative industry is becoming more competitive every year. You really have to try harder to get noticed. So I decided that I want to make a lasting impression with my business cards by making them out of crayons.

I started by planning out the design and creating an exact prototype from laser cut acrylic. Then I turned that one into a mold and began melting crayons in the microwave to cast colourful designs.

I took a minimalist approach for the information. It has to be large to make this work so I just put my website. That’s the best way to contact me!

Although I didn’t add a profession, I think the card sort of gives that away….

More info:

Crayon Business Cards

Colourful Crayons Card Designs

Holding one of the business cards

Business card close-up

Swirly crayon melts

Drawing with the business card

The laser cut acrylic prototype

One of the crayon molds

Crayon cards close-up