A steel bolt is probably one of the least emotional or human things that I can think of, but that’s not how Tobbe Malm feels. This Swedish blacksmith in Oslo can coax simple steel nuts and bolts into human-like forms that, despite their simple shapes, seem laden with emotion.

On his website, the blacksmith explains how this series, called Bolt Poetry, came about; “The bolts are from an old farm in the heart of a the area Bergsladen in Sweden. I found them in a barn… The bolts reminded me of human forms, and I felt they had something to tell. I heated them, forged, bent and twisted. I tried to create relations, meetings and situations and suddenly stories emerged about sorrow, joy, pain, warmth and humour. A kind of poetry was created, hence the title.

More info: jernmalm.com | Behance | Facebook (h/t: colossal)