Philippe Echaroux is a famous French celebrity photographer who took this challenge in order to show people that you don’t always need the high-end gear to create something cool.

He, however, had the luck to use high-end gear but sometimes the good thing to do is try something far from your comfort zone and see what would happen.

Philippe claims that the hardest part during this project was not to feel stupid in front of all the people he shot with his funny lighting set up. With this video, his main goal was not to show his skills but to push people to try to do what they have in mind with no excuse for waiting.

Oh, and before someone screams “Photoshop,” yes, he used VSCO, Photoshop FIX, and Lightroom Mobile apps to enhance the final result but everything was done on his phone. Without the proper lighting, however, it would be nearly impossible to reach the result that he got.

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Philippe used a flashlight, a drinking straw and a Big Mac box to make this lighting rig

Here’s how it looked completely assembled

He then began to photograph people

Below you can see the portraits that Philippe made using this handmade “gear”

Watch the video below to see the whole process