Pictures of the wedding day can be more than mere souvenir photos. They may depict sincere emotions of the bride and groom, portray wedding guests at their best and worst moments and transmit the hilarity of the reception party.

Each year, international contests are held to bring wedding photography closer up to the fine art level. MyWed Award is one of them – it is held annually and includes 21 nominations. Scroll down below to see the winners of those categories!

More info:

The Ceremony category

by Andreu Doz

The Details category

by Vormkrijger Be

The Getting Ready category

by Gustavo Liceaga

The Wedding Guests category

by Soven Amatya

The Engagement category

by Jorge Romero

The Rings category

by Aleksandr Vasilev

The Gadgets category

by Pablo Macaro

The First Dance category

by Alejandro Gutierrez

The Heroes of the Day category

by Egor Zhelov

The Wedding Party category

by David Hofman

The Family Portrait category

by Roman Matejov

The Cake Cutting category

by Soven Amatya

The Higher and Higher category

by George Stan

The Recognizable World’s Places category

by Aleksey Malyshev

The Bouquet Toss category

by Jorge Romero

The Traditions category

by Rino Cordella

The Moment category

by Arjan Van Der Plaat

The Camera Angle category

by Vinci Wang

The Framing category

by Vinci Wang

The Rotated Photographs category

by Ilya Rikhter

The Best Wedding Story category

by Ken Pak

The photos listed above prove that wedding photography is more than just a commercial type of shooting. Sophisticated or laughable, they showcase what a wedding day truly is – an event full of joy and unexpected wonders. Enjoy the ride, as they say!