Cats are some of my favourite subjects to photograph when wandering through the city. They are also some of the most difficult to photograph well, because they don’t usually stay still when you come close.

However, in the past 2 years I managed to get some good shots, so here they are!

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Our beautiful home cat to start this collection!

Are you looking at me?

She just really enjoyed life

He is not bored, just tired after a long day of doing nothing

Look at my beautiful body!

Okay, now I am looking at YOU!

Oh I am very small, don’t mind me

A bit of wildlife in the city

Okay now I am just posing

My paws fit on the smallest possible area!

So lazy, can’t move

Maybe it’s me who’s upside down, maybe it’s you

This is a very old friend

Another of our home cats

Thanks for staying still long enough

The happy 95% of a cat’s life

On the lookout

I am very fluffy

Ready to attack

I feel safe here

Looking through the window

Cat on a hot plastic windowsill

Old friend again

I am beautiful but not friendly

I am majestic and maybe friendly

I am beautiful and definitely friendly!

Another bit of wildlife in the city

The biggest reward after a 5-hour wandering through the city!