Japanese people are amongst the kindest and most hospitable nations I have ever encountered. Their patience should set an example for many others. I enjoyed their strong connection to tradition and the openness they show to modern developments a lot on my visits to Japan. Surely there are exceptions as there are with most things. However, I haven’t encountered anyone unpleasant and am grateful for the hospitality I’ve experienced.

During my visits to different cities and regions I was captivated by the beauty in the many different places I saw. I focused on the many, many colours and the contrasting calm beauty this country has to offer. Iridescent Tokyo, shining Osaka and the inspiring city of Kyoto, the countryside around Takayama and the island beauty of the Okinawa prefecture.

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Old, looking new

Naha, Okinawa Prefecture

Japan nature

Ishigaki Island

Osaka at night

Carved from stone

Takayama Prefecture, Japan

Don’t Think. Feel by your tongue.

Iridescent Tokyo

Takayama Prefecture, Japan

Busy Tokyo

Takayama Prefecture, Japan