Sometimes you create something so magical that you almost can't believe that you did it. My best friend and I have been cosplaying as a duo for about two years and with the upcoming release of the live action movie we decided to try our hand at Beauty and the Beast.

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The result ended up being our favorite thing we've ever done. The incredible Belle dress was made from scratch in 6 days by Kayce. I created my Beast costume in about 3 days. We found a beautiful castle location for the setting and the wonderful photographers who captured the photos are also dear friends. In the past 4 years I have created over 100 costumes and Kayce has made over 60 but being able to come together with the people you love the most and create something that makes you not only stare at it with pride but makes you smile because of the complete love surrounding it is what art and cosplay is about to me. And that's just as magical as the world's we're trying to bring to life.

Belle: SuperKayce; The Beast: Knightmage; Photographer: The Portrait Dude; Assistant Photographers: Nisa Cole and John Schulte; Props (Enchanted Rose, Cogsworth & Lumiere) by Knightmage and RKG Cosplay; shot on location at Landoll’s Mohican Castle in Loudonville, Ohio.


Beauty And The Beast Cosplay


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