A collection of beautiful birds I captured from India.

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I listen; I listen to words, nature, patterns, signs, to people. I listen to everything I see and feel. At first it makes me wonder, and this curiosity pushes me to take a deeper look. Once I start looking deeper it all connects and I find that everything in this universe has a story to tell.

That’s what the universe is made up of, Stories. And that’s why I chose to be a Storyteller. I use words, designs, and experiences to craft amazing stories for Brands, Organizations and People.

I am a Visual Artist, Art Director, Photographer and Marketing Professional with over 8 years of experience. I specialize in website designing, logo designing, marketing communications, copywriting, photography, digital marketing and graphic designing. My work simplifies, interacts, educates, clarifies and it demands action.

More info: satheeshsankaran.com