American artist Natalie Sideserf has made an eerily realistic cake of Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul to show the tough guy’s sweeter side. The result is so realistic, I’d be afraid to cut it (especially knowing Mike and how it could end).

“The inside is made of layers of vanilla cake and swiss buttercream,” explains Natalie, owner of Sideserf Cake Studio. “Once carved, the entire cake is covered in a layer of chocolate ganache and a final layer of modeling chocolate to sculpt the details.”

The cake was featured on a promotional video clip on the AMC network. It’s not the first time Natalie’s cakes have gone viral. She made her breakthrough with a hyper-realistic cake of Willie Nelson. She also became popular for her “till death do us part” wedding cake modeled after her own severed head. (h/t: sobadsogood)

More info: Sideserf Cake Studio | Instagram (h/t: sobadsogood)

Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad


Willie Nelson


Mario piranha plant

Head impaled on a spike


T-bone steak


Courage the Cowardly Dog

Till death do us part: a wedding cake that was modeled after her own severed head and put next to her fiancé