Hello there! My name is Tahel Maor. I’m a 32-year-old artist living in Tel-Aviv, Israel. I studied Multidisciplinary Art. I love living in Tel Aviv, it’s a small city but truly inspiring. Though I am a winter person, most of the days in here are a never ending summer. It leaves me waiting most of my time missing and longing for the short winter days. But that’s fabulous, because what I love the most is that feeling of longing for something. This is the basic and the most powerful drive for my creation.

My art tries to create a story or certain atmosphere that will form the line between beautiful and disturbing. Dealing with issues such as the meaning of home, childhood and fate, I confront and contrast the nostalgic with the suppressed, the permanent with the impermanent and the insignificant with the fateful. As a child, I encountered in a picture by De Kiriko, an Italian surrealist painter, and ever since I knew I wanted to be an artist. I love the mysterious atmosphere in his work, as though you are caught in a dream, where all logic and proportions change their meaning.

Nowadays, I find inspiration in many things, especially the simple ones: observing people in public places and trying to imagine their story, or finding an abandoned toy in the street. In order to create gloomy works, I need gloomy eyes. This is hard because life isn’t always like that. I need to make sure my “gloomy radar” is always on, even while I’m shopping or at a party. I don’t know sometimes if I chose this line of work because I always analyze reality that way or vice-versa. I guess this is the hard part of every Artist’s job, knowing where the artist ends and the person begins.

More info: tahelmaor.com

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