Did you know that one third of all food production is wasted? That comes down to a worldwide wastage of 1.3 billion kilos per year. This is a huge environmental burden! When people waste food, it’s also a wastage of the water, CO2, energy and land that has been used in order to grow and transport the food. We want to change this!

But how do we make people value food more in order to prevent this unnecessary waste flow? Instock is changing people’s perception towards food surplus by turning it into delicious meals. In our three restaurants (Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague) we rescue about 2000 kilos of foodstuff every week! I can hear you thinking: ‘wait…what?’ Well, let me break it down for you.

Every morning, the food rescue drivers of Instock get up before the crack of dawn to pick up unsold food products. These products meet every food safety guideline, but can simply not be sold anymore for various reasons. Think about one-day-old bread, that bundle of oranges that carries one rotten but seven fresh ones, those slightly discolored cauliflowers? We believe that those products deserve another chance!

When the food arrives at the restaurants, the exact products are always a surprise for both the chefs and the guests. That’s not a problem though; the chefs of Instock know how to improvise!

With our meals and products, we want to create more awareness on the topic of food waste. Self-evidently, we hope to inspire all the big shots of the food industry to get more creative with their surplus food. Rescued food never tasted so good, right?

More info: instock.nl

Instock Kitchen

Rescuing bread by bike every morning even when it rains

Harvest of the day

Rescued Dinner from Instock

The creative chefs of Instock

Inside the restaurant

Yummy dessert

Patio of the restaurant in Amsterdam