Here are some of the drawings that I made during the quarantine using G2 Black Pens in varying sizes. It is one of the only things that kept me somewhat sane. I have more drawings on Instagram and other platforms. 

More info: Instagram

Humpback Whale

This took over a week to complete because of the size of it and the detail involved.

Bear King

I have never drawn a bear before. This only took me about a day to draw and turned out better than I expected. He looks like a very nice bear.


This could be looked at in two different ways. It looks like a lioness poking its head through the leaves, or it is a male lion with a crazy mane. I like it both ways.

Elephant King

I started this drawing before the quarantine but finished it right when the quarantine started.

Sad Dolphin

I drew this when we had been the quarantine for over a month or so. I think that the dolphin looks sad and reflects the way I felt when I drew it. Isolation is not suitable for any creature.


Usually, I draw black and white photos. I added color to this one because it was a present for a friend. This drawing took about four hours to complete.