You may remember Eduard Locota from his last year spectacular creation named “DelMare Table” who swept our imagination right to the sea.

This year, his very anticipated collection has come to life and to our attention, and it is… just wow. For the moment only a few of his artwork design pieces have been released to the public, but we may see a few of them just now.

“Inspired by my love and my respect for nature, my purpose is to create vibrant functional artwork that can achieve harmony between a modern space and the natural space,” said the artist.

One of the most striking pieces is: La Falaise Bench (translated from french “The Cliff” bench). Walking alongside to the Failaise d’Etretat, inspired by the beauty and strong contrasts of the France’s Northern Coast. Representing a radical experimentation of materials and forms, and most complex exploration of the shades and colors.

“The work was largely fueled by the primitive form, the rock. A natural inspiration formed a unique contrast to the humanly fabricated and nature, resulting in a distinctive blend of modernity and timelessness,” said the artist.

The style provide space to a totally different interpretation: man’s longing and yearning for the spiritual and divine, the manipulation of reality embarking to a dream place.

“Hand crafted and sculpted from zero. A mix of Jesmonite, Marble and Acrylic glass are the stars of my artworks. It’s an incredibly labor intensive process that I am personally taking for all of my works.

As an example; for “La Falaise Bench” over 200 Kg of material were used for this monolithic functional artwork. Crete Table, is an extreme sculptural furniture piece weighing over 1 Tone. Over 100 Layers of Acrylic were pored on top of the marble sculpture base to complete this artwork.

For Wave Lounge, a large block was casted which was carved to proportions, then polished by hand in a flawless and maybe, incredible care.”

By the way, his artworks are completely hand sculpted by the artist Eduard Locota himself.

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La Falaise Bench is 1.6 m long and weigh over 200 Kg, the fusion between Jesmonite and Acrylic Glass.

La Failaise d’Etretat. The Northern coast of France was the main inspiration behind.

“La Falaise” is a French name translated into “The Cliff”.

It’s significance is very simple: as more as “we get absorbed” into the digital, there is a need for a powerful transition towards the natural and simple.

La Falaise Side Table is fusing as a puzzle joint with La Falaise Bench.

Crete Table: Inspired from the monumental cathedral arch design. The ingenious foot design of Crete table, offers alongside the astonishing shape also a stability out of the ordinary.

Every angle of Crete Table is truly incomparable and uncommon. Interest points come from all viewpoints, thus every single side is completely different from the other. You may find the variation even more significant at the bottom marble side of Crete table.

The eternal Greek story of sea and land braking into each other to the infinite, captured into one memorable piece – Crete Table.

Realm (Bench) – Fusion between Pink Oak Wood & Jesmonite.

Wave Lounge. Over 60 Layers of acrylic have been pored to create the wave that can be taken right into your home.

More than just a bump on the Ocean, the wave exploits the fascinating relationship between wind and water, between reflection and refraction, between opacity and transparency.

A monolithic sculptural piece that express motion and energy altogether.

Immerso Table (translated from Italian, meaning Submerged).

Peace have never gone better together with the feeling of fluidity, life and movement.

A slice of land and water brought together and encapsulated in one moment in time