Hello, I’m Dev Praks, Freelance artist suffering from Cancer (rhabdomyosarcoma) for last one year. Life was good and everything was with a Plan to become a good artist, a good son, a good bread earner for my family as I’m the eldest son to my parent but suddenly a Tumor on my right side abdomen with Cancer destroyed me, My health, My Newly started Creative Career.

I was the main source of income in my family but Now My Family facing Strict Financial Problem. My 60 years old Dad still struggling to pay interest on loans that he taken from different peoples for my cancer treatment.

I cannot see my family in trouble But I’m very helpless, I think lots of things to make some income but Hospital rounds, chemo drips, doctors do not leave me.

Even I Cannot do any office job, What I can easily do is to DRAW.. draw artworks.

 I do not want to give up easily for my family & for my life and still trying to get artwork job to draw something to earn and support my family. I share everywhere as I can and also I’m posting Some of my NEW and OLD artwork here on Boredpanda with the hope for getting some work to draw.


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I draw Myself drawing something while taking chemo…

Cute Newly Married Couple with their Curious Cat….

I draw Cute Family Portrait in my Stick Figure cartoon style…

Cute Pregnant Woman in Yoga Position…

A cute girl with her laptop….

Cute Illustration of Grandparent with their Grandchildren….