UK-based artist Dom ‘Dobalob’ Byrne has brought a fresh look to one of comics’ most loved superhero teams.

“Like many others I first fell in love with the X-Men during the 1990s when the hit-cartoon first landed on TV.

I guess I was typical in that I wanted to be Wolverine and obviously I was completely in love with Rogue.

So when I booked my first spot at a local Comic Con, I decided the first thing I had to do was an X-Men series.”

Dom, a life-long comic and superhero fan, noticed a lot the art being sold at local conventions was all very similar.

“They were stalls upon stalls, just all standard comic drawings of someone stood in a superhero pose on a white background.”

So he decided there might be a bit of room for something a little different.

Dom, practices his art under the pseudonym ‘Dobalob’ after his little brother was unable to pronounce his full name when they were both very young.

“I guess it’s not the most common name, and he just couldn’t say it. It used to have my dad and I in hysterics. So a national radio newsreader appeared with the same name as my own, I thought it would be a great idea to use Dobalob to stand out.

A lot of the art world takes itself so seriously, so I guess it’s my way of making sure I don’t do the same.”

Dom’s first Comic-Con will be in Newark-upon-Trent in August and whilst he’s produced this set of X-Men polaroids he hopes to do more X-Men in the future as well as other series.

“I’m also working on a Star Wars/Batman mash-up series at the moment which is very exciting and should be a real treat for fans.”

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Charles Xavier




Jean Grey






The X-Men on a fridge

Remy & Logan

More stuff on the way including a Star Wars/Batman crossover series