Talented Ukranian artist (Olena Panasiuk) uses water and oil colors to paint figures full of life and emotion, engaing the viewer and solidifying lifelong passion for portraiture, as she talks about her career:

My name is Olena Panasiuk. I was born on April 18, 1976. I live in beautiful Ukraine. Having finished school I entered Odessa Theatre and Art College majoring in “Make-up Artist”.I discovered a history of costume and hairdo at this educational institution. I love works of old masters that showed us beauty and elegance of ladies and gentlemen living in past epochs. Having graduated from the College I worked on television.I participated in painting of temples in Odessa, and I had been painting icons for more than fifteen years. Iconography is a whole world. It has its own laws, technique, and means of artistic expression.

I was studying at Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture majoring in “Master of Fine Arts” from 2010 to 2014. This education institution cultivated my love to architecture. I discovered beauty and poetry of old cities. Now whenever I am, whatever country I visit, I go to the old part of a city to see frozen history. I travel a lot and have visited many museums of the world,namely Hermitage, Russian Museum of Saint-Petersburg, Louvre, Versailles, Gallery of Uffizi in Florence, Villa Borghese in Rome, Old Masters Picture Gallery of Dresden. I paint everything that surrounds me. I try to depict a moment that has impressed me in my works. Landscapes, still life, flowers… However, people inspire me the most. I like interesting memorable faces. I like to paint portraits of remarkable people and I draw them from life. It is very important for me to see a man’s eyes. It is important to depict not only a portrait similarity, but a model’s character as well. This can be achieved by personal contact only. I have the whole collection.For example, portrait of one of the representatives of ancient princely family of Gorchakovs, prince Andrey Gorchakov, prioress a female monastery Mother Superior Serafima, Director of the Children Center “Way Home” patron Sergey Kostin . I draw a portrait of a modern Italian composer Matteo Muzumechchi, restoring artist Alik Mirzoev, watercolorist Anatolii Kravchenko. I have many creative plans and I look in future with hope.I participate in many exhibitions, including international ones. Recently, my passion is watercolor. Took part in several watercolor festivals, for example, in Fabriano, Urbino and Prague.Painting is my life. I cannot even imagine my existence without it. I have an opportunity to do things I love thanks to support of my family.I want our world to remain the same wonderful. I love beauty, it inspires me. I love life and can say with confidence that I am a happy person!

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Artist (Olena Panasiuk)